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Often the work place can be a stressful environment.  One way to deal with daily stress is by taking a few minutes throughout the day to pause and relax.  Harvard Health Publications suggest that techniques such as deep breathing, visualization and mediation can evoke a state of rest and release. Doing them can slow your heartbeat, calm your breathing, and lower your blood pressure. So how can you fit this in to an already busy schedule?   By keeping the techniques brief and simple.   Here are a couple of techniques from Harvard Health Publications.

Breathe in slowly.  Pause for 3 counts.  Breathe out.  Pause for 3 counts. Continue to breathe deeply for 1minute pausing for 3 counts after each breath in and out.

Count down slowly from 10 to 0.  With each number take one complete breath, inhaling and exhaling.  For example breathe in deeply saying 10 to yourself.  Breathe out slowly.  On your next breath say nine and so on. If you feel light headed count more slowly to space your breaths further apart.

The most common obstacle to meditation in the workplace is remembering to do it.  One technique I use with my clients is to set a timer on their phone to go off periodically.  For example a bell or a chime that sounds and reminds you to pause and breathe.  Harvard Health Publications suggest a blue dot sticker.  Place the dot on your computer, your day timer or anyplace that would remind you to take one minute to improve your day.

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